Whitening Essence
Per Bottle
1 bottle
Whitening Essence
Product Description

Hadatuko Whitening Essence (25ml)
Whitening Essence is a serum that brightens and moisturizes the skin from the inside and out to restore skin’s vitality.

Product Features:
Whitening: Inhibits color pigments, reduces age spots.
Tightening skin: Reduces fine lines, skin becomes firm and elastic with moisturizing effect.
Moiturizing: Increases moisturizing level. A protecting layer is created on the surface of skin to lock in moisture.
Mild formula: It is paraben-free and does not contain mineral oils, artificial colours and fragrances.

how to use

Apply in the morning or evening on cleansed and toned skin, take an appropriate amount and apply on face gently. Gently massage into skin until fully absorbed.


SymWhite®377: Prohibits pigmentation Arbutin: Inhibits color pigments, whitening Raspberry Essence: Reduces inflammation, moisturizing Vitamin Complex(A,B,C,E): Moisturizing, whitening, anti oxidation , nourishing Cherry Seed Extract: Contain vitamin C, reduce dark spots and even skin tone Rose Seed Extract: Contain vitamin A and C, reduce wrinkles, firm your skin, and brighten the skin tone.