Per Bottle
1 bottle
Product Description

【Hadatuko WHITENING CREAM】(50g)

WHITENING CREAM contains multiple beauty ingredients, and it can restore the skin to white and luminous.
Beauty ingredients, including Symwhite377, Arbutin, Acerola Fruit Essence and etc., can provide nutrition and moisture to the base of skin, making skin white and luminous.

Product features:
Enriched with powerful anti-oxidants to fortify the skin barrier function and protect skin from UV damage; minimizes dark spots and lightens complexion.
Its hydrating ingredients quickly penetrate into stratum corneum to help lock-up moisture.
Lightweight and soft texture melts into skin to leave a soft and velvety sensation.

how to use

1. Apply moderate amount of facial cream to forehead, buccal and chin. Even spread mildly on the face and neck from inside out; 2. Gently massage the face, promoting absorption of nutrient.


Symwhite377: inhibits melanin production Arbutin: Prevents formation of melanin Acerola Fruit Essence: Brightens and softens skin Multivitamin Complex: Moisturizes and smoothes skin Rosa Canina Fruit Essence: Firms and and acts as an Anti-Oxidant Raspberry Fruit Essence: Hydrates and anti-inflammatory