Intensive Moisturizing Cream
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Intensive Moisturizing Cream
Product Description

Hadatuko Intensive Moisturizing Cream (50g)

The skin care products of 5Nos series, are developed with the "5 no" formula, which is a low irritant formula, has been tested in Japan, to proved that the products doesn’t contains any alcoholic, paraben, artificial colors, mineral oil, fragrance and other irritating substances, it is mild in nature and gently care for the skin; The products also contains 6 kinds of major skin care ingredients, including proteoglycan, as well as the extracts from the pomegranate flowers, hibiscus flowers, wisteria leaves, cherry blossoms and tabebuia impetiginosa, those nutrient components deeply penetrate the bottom of the skin, to make the skin back to the ideal, balanced state, enhance the skin's repair power, vitality, flexibility, clarity and moisture. .

Product Features:
Formulated with 6 kinds of skin care ingredients.
Low irritant formula without alcohol, Paraben, artificial colors, mineral oil and fragrance.
The texture of the night cream is mild ,smooth, skin-friendly and easy to apply, helps to strength your skin barrier, protect it all over the night, increase the elasticity of skin on the next day

how to use

Apply in the evening on cleansed and toned skin, take an appropriate amount and apply on face gently.


Tabebuia Impetiginosa extract: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial. Cherry Flower Extract: promotes NMF. Wisteria Leaf extract: anti-inflammatory, anti-sensitive. Hibiscus Flower Extract: improves skin’s roughness, anti-oxidation. Pomegranate Flower Extract: promotes hyaluronic acid. Proteoglycan: promotes hyaluronic acid and collagen.