Collagen Face And Neck 3D Mask
Per Bottle
1 bottle
Collagen Face And Neck 3D Mask
Product Description

Hadatuko Collagen Face And Neck 3D Mask (5pcs)

This tightening mask contains rich collagen extracted from fish and ceramide to restore skin elasticity while providing deep moisturizing effect. It leaves you a healthy, supple and youthful skin.

Product Features:
Formulated with skin-friendly collagen, leaving skin supple, moist and firm.
Tone up and smoothes skin with adding four active ingredients.
3D material mask allows it to fit your face and neck like a second skin and the essence is more easily absorbed by the skin.

how to use

After cleansing & toning, fit the mask on face and neck for 5-10 mins. Remove mask and massage gently for the remaining essence to be absorbed. Recommend to apply every other day (the next day) in a week for intensive repair.


Collagen: extracted from the fish with whitening & moisturizing effect. Ceramide (rice): moisturizing. White Willow Extract: keeps skin smooth and soft. Lactic Acid Bacteria (extracted from pear: reduces fine lines. Plantago Major: slow down the skin's ageing process. Wild Rose Extract: enhances skin moisture and elasticity.