Aqua Collagen Eye Cream
Per Bottle
1 bottle
Aqua Collagen Eye Cream
Product Description

Hadatuko Aqua Collagen Eye Cream (20g)
Aqua Collagen Eye Cream is silky and rich in texture. It contains five types of collagen and various botanical extracts, which effectively hydrates the skin, increases skin elasticity, improves fine lines and tiredness, leaves skin plumped and supplied with moistful radiance.

Products features:
Dual moisturizing effect: Forms a moisturizing barrier on the skin surface;Deep penetration to lock in adequate moisture in the epidermis layer.
Firming: Promotes collagen production, helps to improve dullness and fine lines, and enhances skin defenses abilities.
Gentle ingredients: Does contain Paraben preservatives, fragrances, artificial pigments and tar pigments.

how to use

Apply in the morning and evening on cleansed and toned skin, take an appropriate amount and apply on eye contour. Gently massage into skin until fully absorbed.


Five types of Collagen: Moisturizing, increase skin’s elasticity White Willow Essence: Moisturizing, repair and soften Skin. Rosehip Essence: Tightening pores, water-oil balancing